(take one or all. some were pitched. some were almost realized. your turn.

Urban Turf Mixtape Series: The General Store Inc. presents a summertime in-store promotion for exclusively for Urban Outfitter Stores in Washington DC. The Urban Turf Mixtape Series is a cool way to feature all UO green products, offer complimentary music to customers, and showcase local DJs. Local and noted DJs will spin live inside UO stores. They will create original mixes onsite that will be available to download to all UO customers who purchase UO green products. The final day of the series will feature a live performance by DC based artist or band. 

Red White & Ride: Gather various bike riders who resemble the music artist to wear red and white. Have riders rent bikes from DC Bikeshare. Affix each bike with an old school boombox. Riders will blast the music artist's single as they ride throughout the city. 

Nannie Knows Best: Remix and Update 12 Things A Negro Must Do For Himself by Nannie Helen Burroughs. 

The Art That Woodchuck Built The General Store Inc proposes a promotion exclusively for the Woodchuck Brand distributed throughout the Washington DC, Metropolitan Area. The promotion will take place in late September or early October. We will enlist 10 up and coming Metropolitan based artists to create an original piece of art using Woodchuck bottles and packaging materials.  The pieces will be displayed at a gallery space where they will be judged by noted representatives in the DC arts community. Photos of the pieces will be showcased on Woodchucks website. The winning artist will receive a cash award. All pieces created will be given to the Woodchuck brand for their sole use. The Winner will be announced at a culminating event at a gallery. 

District Sound Lounge (PARKING DAY 2013)  The District Sound Lounge will provide a relaxing experience for the residents and workers in the Ward 7 community.  Since Deanwood and Ward 7 is home to musical legend Marvin Gaye we want to showcase many of DC's most talented artists who are inspired by Marvin Gaye.  The space will be enclosed by a 10x10 pallet structure, 2 display grids and 4 plants along the perimeter. The ground will be carpeted. Four cushions/outdoor chairs or crates for seating and four small battery operated music players. A pallet coffee table will be used to hold radio and info on artists. Signage will be located on the right side of the sidewalk entrance.  Experience:  The public is invited to listen and discover new music by local artists while enjoying a relaxing atmosphere.  Four listening stations will be available featuring new music by local soul/rb and hip hop artists.  Newspapers and magazines will be available for browsing. Signage showcasing ways to relax on the spot will be given will be distributed. Special Feature-Live pop-up acoustic performance by a local artist at lunch time.