The General Store Inc is a creative content agency that designs projects, strategy, activations and experiences that ignite creativity and electrify community. Since 2005 The General Store Inc has created, produced, curated and collaborated on relative, progressive, fresh art, content and experiences. In this now future THE GENERAL STORE INC continues to produce progressive work, solve new business challenges and supports those working in the social good space.


As a young girl growing up on Maryland's eastern shore in the 1980's I remember visiting an old white store with a small porch, screened door and peeling paint. Inside the shelves and walls overflowed with grocery items, tools, treats and other random knick knacks. The General Store was the one-stop shop and community space where neighbors gathered and seemed to never leave. While small in structure the store's inventory provided basic essentials and unique one of kind items.

My creative philosophy is "make do." It's a phrase I heard often while growing up. I believe every human is creative and has the ability to tap into high levels of ingenuity if they uncover the gold found in their own circumstance, resources, and mind. I’ve been making do for years however a fresh phase is upon me.

There are various tools, spaces and mediums on my TO BE GREAT list that I have yet to utilize. When it comes creating fresh strategy, projects, products, activations, and experiences I will continue to MAKE.DO./MAKE & DO.

Seshat Y. Walker, Founder/Principal Creative