The General Store Inc. announces aSHE FUND MICROGRANT  

For Immediate Release CONTACT Seshat Y Walker MARCH 1, 2019


The General Store Inc. announces the aSHE FUND Microgrant for women of color creatives. The aSHE FUND Microgrant will provide women of color creatives with an award of $2500.00 to create, develop and/or complete an idea, passion, and business. The General Store Inc. Founder Seshat Y Walker created the fund after chatting with several fellow creatives about the challenges they've faced in actualizing their ideas.

"As a creative woman of color I understand the very real and unique challenges we face, from trying to complete projects, purchase materials to securing space," says Walker.

Walker states that name aSHE derives from the Yoruba word ase/ashe' meaning to conceive the power to make things happen and produce change. "I immediately saw the words a and she and thought this was meant to be, also my middle name is Yonshea which incorporates the same letters on the end!"

The mission of the aSHE FUND is to encourage and empower women to create and produce impactful work; serve as a consistent funding resource; and provide a platform to highlight talented women of color creatives. The aSHE FUND will open for submissions on April 1, 2019 via The General Store Inc website.

If you are interested in becoming a funder or would like to know more about the aSHE FUND or The General Store Inc please contact