aSHE FUND Microgrant for Women of Color Creatives


The overall purpose of the aSHE FUND microgrant program is to support women of color creatives to create a new project or work, complete a current project and or secure professional resources, materials for their projects or work. The maximum amount of funds that can be awarded is $2500.00. We do not wish for the funds to be repaid nor do we require reporting.


  • Open to individual women of color creatives aged 18+

  • Creatives must live and work in Washington DC or Baltimore city. (zip codes must reflect city codes)

  • Creatives must be actively working in their respective disciplines

  • Applicants must show and do work in the following creative industries:

    visual art, multimedia art, performance arts, writing, fashion design, graphic design, game design, music, dance, theater, experimental and conceptual art.

Criteria, Review Process and Grant Committee

The application review process, including the review criteria is as follows:

Criteria : Applications are are competitively evaluated based on:

  • The professional, artistic, and/or technical capabilities of the applicant(s)

  • The vision, originality, and quality of current work or proposed future project

  • The potential impact and accessibility of the current or proposed work on the targeted communtiy.

  • The feasibility of the project

aSHE FUND staff reviews applications for eligibility and completeness and may contact applicants if questions arise.

Then applications will be reviewed through a review process overseen by a committee of 15 women of color creatives from DC and Baltimore who represent the creative professions of the applicants.

Committee members will have online access to the applications for a month. At this stage the panelists read and review the applications, work samples, enter their preliminary comments, and assign initial ratings. All applications must be evaluated according to the review criteria.


The deadline for applying is April 25, 2019 by 11:59 pm.

Application reviews begin May 1, 2019.

The grant recipient will be notified of their award on June 3, 2019.